Commercial Glass Concerns? What to Know to Updated and Expand Your New Commercial Windows

Commercial Glass Concerns? What to Know to Updated and Expand Your New Commercial Windows

17 August 2020
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If your commercial building has windows that are original to the building and you want to get rid of them for an upgraded and updated option, there are things to take into consideration. This could be a large financial investment for your company, so use it as an opportunity to improve your space and commercial property.

There are a lot of different options and features when considering new windows. Here are some of the features to look for when setting a budget for the commercial window replacement and moving forward with the installation.

1. Talk with the Glass Company About Window Expansion

The glass company will have to look at the current windows to do an estimate for the project. If you want to expand the windows, the installation service professionals may be able to put in bigger windows without disrupting walls or doing major renovations. They will use stud finders and examine by pulling out existing windows.

2. Keep Safety in Mind

When you spend the money to invest in improving your commercial property with bigger windows, you want to pick windows that have the following safety features:

  • Thick impact resistant and shatterproof glass
  • Window material that is fire resistant
  • Soundproof glass

You want windows that intruders can't easily break through to get in, and that will protect your commercial property if there is any type of natural disaster.

3. Improve Efficiency and Comfort with Tint

Windows with thick glass should improve the energy efficiency of your building. Window tinting is another option that gives you privacy and also conserves energy costs. Look at windows that have a high U-Value rating, and the tint will keep out warm air in the summer. The tint also helps to stop direct sunlight. Direct UV rays can cause damage to property and glares in the space.

The windows should come with a basic manufacturer warranty that will cover anything if there is a manufacturing flaw with the windows for a set amount of time after the purchase. Talk with the commercial window company to see if they also offer clients a warranty for the installation service that they provide.

Protecting and improving your property with new windows is a smart investment if you are worried about the structure of the building and the windows being a problem with leaks and security. Get a couple of quotes and move forward with this update by contacting companies like Boulevard Glass & Metal Inc.

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