Auto Glass Has More Jobs Than You May Realize

Auto Glass Has More Jobs Than You May Realize

22 June 2021
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Auto glass serves so many purposes and you likely have only ever given thought to a mere couple or so of those uses. Once you know more about how many things your auto glass really does, you will have more respect for it and understand just how crucial it is to make sure you have repairs fixed as soon as you are able to and have a replacement of broken auto glass done immediately. Here is more information about the things auto glass does for you, your passengers, and your car: 

Prevents Collapse During an Accident

Something a lot of people don't know is that one of the jobs of the windshield is to help stop the car from collapsing if the car rolls over. This is a very important safety feature that can prevent serious injuries. 

Keeps Out Animals

Without auto glass, many types of animals could get right inside of your car. They could cause a lot of damage including scratching the interior, ripping apart the fabric, urinating and defecating in it, and even chewing the wires. If animals were able to go in and out of your car as they wished, then your car wouldn't last nearly as long as you would like and you wouldn't enjoy driving it nearly as much because it would be less comfortable. Additionally, the smell would be much worse. 

Prevents Weather Damage

If your car didn't have glass windows in it, then the weather damage it would endure would make it unhealthy for you to spend time in and cause the interior to rapidly deteriorate. The direct sunlight would cause the fabric in the car to become damaged by not only fading but also causing it to become so brittle that it would rip easily. The snow and rain that would go right inside of the car would lead to water damage, including mold. Once mold begins growing, the car wouldn't be healthy for anyone to be in. Plus, the mold would spread throughout the car and cause extensive damage that would render it useless. 


Now that you have a better idea of the reasons auto glass is so important to you, your passengers, and the car itself, you will be more likely to act quickly as soon as you know that there is damage to the glass or when the glass breaks and you need to have a new auto glass installed.

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