Factors That Can Influence The Price You Will Pay For Car Windshield Repair

Factors That Can Influence The Price You Will Pay For Car Windshield Repair

7 April 2022
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One of the common misconceptions pertaining to car windshield repair is that everyone pays the same amount to have their windshield repaired. two people can pay very different amounts to have a chip or crack filled by a professional. Here are a few of the factors that may influence the price you are quoted or pay for car windshield repair. 

The Make and Model of Your Vehicle

One of the factors that can influence the price you are quoted or will pay for car windshield repair is the make and model of your vehicle. Some windshields are easy to access and repair. A technician can lean over the hood of your car, fill the crack with resin, and easily heat that resin up. Other cars are more complex. The technician may need a ladder or special tools to reach the damaged portion of the windshield. A crack or chip that is harder to access may drive your repair costs up. 

The Number of Dings or Chips in Your Windshield

Another factor that can influence the price you will pay for car windshield repair is the number of dings or chips in your windshield. If you have three chips or small cracks, your windshield can be repaired. If there are more than three chips or cracks, the windshield should be replaced. However, someone with three chips to repair will pay more than someone with one chip to repair. This is because it takes time to fill and cure each windshield imperfection. 

Special Features on Your Windshield

One of the most overlooked factors that can increase the cost of your windshield repair is any special features that may have been impacted by the chip or crack. If you chipped a portion of the windshield with a rain sensor, that sensor may need repair as well. If your windows are tinted or you have a shade band, the tint may need to be reapplied after the crack or chip is filled. All of these things can drive up the cost of a windshield repair. 

If you have cracks or chips in your windshield, it is advised that you have a car windshield repair performed as quickly as possible. This helps prevent dirt and dust from getting into the crack, helps to prevent the crack or chip from growing, and helps to ensure your glass windshield is structurally sound. Windshield chips and cracks worsen over time, so waiting can increase the odds of you needing a car windshield replacement instead of a simple repair. Reach out to a car windshield repair company today for more information. 

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