How To Replace A Windshield: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Replace A Windshield: A Step-By-Step Guide

14 July 2022
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Replacing a windshield can seem like a difficult thing to do. But with the right steps and some patience, you can have your windshield replaced in no time.

This three-step guide shows you how an expert replaces a damaged windshield to ensure a safe and successful job.

Removing the Old Windshield

The first step is to safely remove the damaged windshield. This is done using a windshield removal tool to loosen the windshield and then gently prying it out.

Some windshields have rivets that need to be removed before the windshield can be taken out. In this case, an expert first takes out the inner sealant using a special blade. Next, they'll use a drill to remove the rivets that are holding the windshield in place. Once all of the rivets are removed, the windshield is then pulled out from the frame of the car.

Be careful not to damage the surrounding area while doing this. The wrong tools or too much force can damage the windshield frame, which will make it harder to install the new windshield.

Cleaning the Area and Prepping for Installation

Once the old windshield is out, the area needs to be cleaned before the new windshield can be installed. This is done using a vacuum to remove any debris and then cleaning the area with a special solution. The idea is to remove any old adhesive on the windshield frame to ensure that the new windshield adheres properly.

Finally, an expert will remove any molding or trim around the windshield frame itself. These can be replaced later but it's best to start with a clean surface.

The windshield frame is also inspected for any damage. If there is damage, it needs to be repaired before the new windshield can be installed.

If you're doing the prep work yourself, be extra careful not to damage the windshield frame. Any dents or scratches will make it harder to install the new windshield.

Installing the New Windshield

To install the new windshield, a replacement professional will first apply a special adhesive to the windshield frame. Next, the new windshield is placed into the frame and then pushed down until it's level with the rest of the car.

Once the new windshield is in place, a pro will use a special tool to push out any air bubbles. This needs to be done carefully so that the windshield is evenly seated in the frame.

After the windshield is properly seated, the adhesive will need time to dry. This usually takes a couple of hours but it's best to wait longer just to be safe.

Once the adhesive is dry, an expert can replace any molding or trim that they removed earlier. But this step is especially tricky, so only hire an experienced windshield replacement professional if you're not confident in your own skills. 

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