Repairing The Damage To Your Commercial Windows

Repairing The Damage To Your Commercial Windows

15 November 2022
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At some point, the windows of your business could suffer substantial damage that may result in them needing to undergo professional repairs. While commercial window damage is a common issue for businesses to experience, owners and managers may not always have all of the information that they need to oversee this repair.

Commercial Window Damage Is Not Always In The Form Of Cracks And Chips

Large cracks and chips in the glass can be two of the more common types of window damage that may occur to your glass. Unfortunately, some business leaders may assume that all window damage will be as visible as these issues. However, there are several types of damage that could potentially be less easy to notice. One example of this may be gaps forming along the edge of the window. These gaps could allow moisture to enter the building, and they could also make it far more costly to heat and cool the interior space.

Repairing A Damaged Commercial Window May Not Require The Glass To Be Replaced

When a business's windows suffer cracks or chips, it is easy to think that a total replacement of the pane of glass will be the only way to repair this issue. However, this may not be the case when the damage is relatively shallow and isolated. When this is the case, it may be possible to repair the damage by simply using a glass repair resin. These resins can be applied to the damaged sections of the glass so that they will fill these chips and cracks. In addition to restoring the cosmetic appearance of the window, these repairs can also reinforce the area that may have been weakened by the formation of the chip or crack.

Replacing Severely Damaged Windows With Impact Resistant Glass Can Be Worth The Investment

Unfortunately, there are some situations where repairing the damaged commercial window will simply not be a viable option for your business. Whether this is due to a window being completely shattered or simply having widespread deep cracks, replacing the damaged window pane with impact-resistant glass can be a sensible repair choice to make. This type of glass can be significantly stronger than traditional panes, which can make it far less vulnerable to suffering this type of damage. If the window is in an area where the risk of this damage occurring is elevated, installing impact-resistant glass panes may allow you to minimize the need for expensive future repairs and replacements of this pane of glass.

For more information on commercial window repair, contact a professional near you.

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