Auto Glass Replacement — Smart Steps To Take Afterwards

Auto Glass Replacement — Smart Steps To Take Afterwards

2 May 2023
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An auto glass replacement may be needed if a part of your vehicle's glass becomes severely damaged. For instance, a large crack may form on the windshield in the front. After this replacement is carried out by an auto glass technician, be sure to take these actions. 

Don't Let Items Inside the Vehicle Push Against the New Glass

Something you need to verify before you leave your vehicle alone after it receives an auto glass replacement is that there aren't any items inside pushing up against the new glass sections. This could shift the glass out of position.

It's thus a good idea to scan your vehicle for any items that may press against the sides. It could be things like personal belongings and car accessories for instance. Re-locate them to another place if you have to so that the new glass is able to set properly and then hold up for a long time.

Avoid Opening and Closing Your Vehicle's Doors

Until the adhesive solutions have time to fully cure and secure the new auto glass in place on your vehicle, you really want to avoid opening and closing the doors. If you did, you may accidentally cause vibrations that shift the auto glass out of place.

Then not only would the new glass not look good anymore, but the seal could be compromised. That's a recipe for disaster in terms of vehicle damage. As such, just leave your doors alone until you know for certain the new auto glass has had enough time to set.

Test Out the Seal After a Couple of Days

An important part of having new auto glass set up on your vehicle by professionals is making sure these materials seal properly. Then even if it rains, water won't be able to get inside your vehicle and cause damage.

You'll want to test this seal yourself after a couple of days pass after the auto glass replacement. By that time, the adhesive solutions that hold the auto glass in place should be fully dry. You can then test out the seal by spraying water around the glass that was replaced. If your vehicle remains dry inside, you know a tight seal has formed.

Something you may need to do to your vehicle at some point is replace its auto glass, even if it is a small portion of the back windshield. If you know how to maximize this service after it's completed by a shop, then you can avoid inconvenient adjustments and spending more money.  

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